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I have been asked by a few people, why there is no support for managing cookies in Firebug. It's actually unbelievable that this great extension doesn't have that already. Even if there is a few nice Firefox extensions for cookie administration out there, it would be still very useful to have something like that directly within Firebug's UI. That's what they say...

Since I have some experience with Firebug's internal framework, I have reserved two entire weekends (and I have missed two movie-sessions with my friends) trying to accomplish the supplication. And here is what I have done. The extension is called Firecookie - it's for Firebug, heh 🙂 - and of course, you need to have Firebug installed if you want to check this out.

I have tested it with Firebug 1.05 and Firebug 1.1. It's also tested with Firefox 2.0 and Firefox 3.0b2 (Windows XP). All seem to be working well, but you know software is hard, so there might be some bugs ;-).

Anyway I would strongly recommend using entirely new Firebug 1.1 Beta, which is now available. Check it out John J. Barton, Justin Dolske and others have been working hard on it!

Please, drop me a line if you would have any ideas how to improve it. And of course, tell me if anything doesn't work as expected 😉

The extension's home page is here.