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Have you ever been interested in what extensions are available for Firebug? If yes, take a look at what I have found. Frankly, I was quite surprised how many Firebug extensions already exists out there.

  • YSlow
  • Firecookie
  • FirePHP
  • RainbowForFirebug
  • Jiffy
  • Firequark
  • LiveCoder
  • PixelPerfect
  • FirebugCodeCoverage
  • Firebug Net Panel History Overlay
  • Fireclipse
  • Chromebug


Even if this part is also about web services integration, the main purpose is actually to show another (and a bit more complex) example of Domplate usage. In this part I have used Yahoo! Search Web Services to track inbound links and demonstrate how Domplate can be used together with real data. Final extension in this part will discover what pages link to the current page in the browser.