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Thanks to Ashish Datta, Firebug is having a fresh new support for inspecting JSON in net responses. This feature allows to see JSON formatted as an expandable tree of items and also explore them using Firebug's Dom tab.

The view is available within Net panel and visible as soon as a JSON request is expanded. In such a case the user can see another tab (like Params, Headers, etc.). See the following screen-shot.

Explore JSON response using a JSON viewer

By clicking on links within the view (green labels) the user is automatically navigated to the Dom tab to explore particular parts of the JSON response as javascript objects.

The feature should be part of Firebug 1.4a11.

Ahshis is a senior at Tufts University and he did this work as a part of his class focusing on open source development. It's great to see how community around Firebug is growing and willing to contribute to this indispensable tool!

I've been recently working with John Resig on his great Firebug extension called Fireunit. This very promising extension is intended as an automated testing framework for Firefox extensions and it should also be useful for testing web pages in the future. It's still at the beginning, but growing and starting to be very useful for testing Firebug itself.

Such unit test framework is what I have been waiting for a long time. Not only debugging and profiling is important and the unit testing was the missing piece in the Firebug world.