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This post is written by Charlie Crawford who teaches for appendTo, who offers React Training Courses for developer teams.

There are many things to love about React, but one of the biggest pain points in React is project bootstrapping. As React takes a modular "roll your own" framework approach, it can take some time to get your project boilerplate up and running. Thankfully, create-react-app has come to the scene with powerful configuration free React boilerplate. While create-react-app tries to remain fairly agnostic and unopinionated, over time more and more functionality has been introduced into the project. Specifically, testing has progressed with the new revamped version of Jest (The "official" Facebook React testing tool) That being said, Enzyme (A popular third party React testing library by AirBnB) is still a vital part of the React testing stack. It can be a little unclear how create-react-app, Jest, and Enzyme should work Together. The official guide offers some insights on how to load Enzyme into your project, but doesn’t really explain the role Enzyme plays. Let’s change that.