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In order to create additional source of information for Firebug contributors and extension developers, there is new API Reference documentation generated from Firebug source code.

The source code processing is made by js-doc-toolkit, which is an extensible doc generator for JavaScript, supporting its very specifics.

Comments are based on JavaDoc like syntax and using tags like e.g. @param (check out complete list of default tags). Firebug also defines its own specific tags like: @module, @panel, @domplate that help to match its specific architecture features.

Here is a simple example of a commented source code:

 * @module This object represents a module
 * that is responsible for...

Firebug.MyModule = extend(Firebug.Module,
/** @lends Firebug.MyModule */
     * Called by Firebug when Firefox is closed.

    shutdown: function()
        Firebug.Module.initialize.apply(this, arguments);

See further info and examples here.

Note that the goal of this documentation is having complementary source of information for coders that provides conveniently browsable environment giving an overview of Firebug's source code. Such a reference should live along side to the all tutorials and guides we have and which I hope will be yet written.

This is a fresh new doc so, there is not immense number of comments so far, but this will change over time. After all, source code documentation is a fundamental engineering practice critical to efficient development process.

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  1. The link to the list of default tags should be without the extra space before -toolkit:

    #1 Ivo Danihelka
  2. @Ivo: Fixed, thanks!

    #2 Honza
  3. Is there any documentation on the console API and how to override or extend it.

    #3 Sean Hogan
  4. @Sean: I don't know about any useful docs so, looks like a good tip for IX. part of my Extending Firebug tutorial 🙂

    #4 Honza

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