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Many things are happening in the Firebug universe every day and there are several channels you can follow to make sure you don't miss anything what matters to you.

I believe it deserves at least this little post to summarize the most important of them and provide a short description so, one can decide what is the most appropriate source of information to follow.

  • Of course, this site is the real center of Firebug universe. It accumulates all about Firebug.
  • Firebug Blog The official Firebug blog is (among other things) broadcasting news about every released Firebug version, describing changes and fixed bugs.
  • @firebugnews Are you consuming all news via Twitter? Then follow us there! Firebugnews channel is listening and (re)tweeting about things that are interesting for Firebug users and developers.
  • Newsgroup Are you a Firebug contributor and/or Firebug extension developer? Then being member of this group is essential.
  • Firebug Wiki Wiki is not real news channel, but I couldn't miss it in this list since it's simply the best source of information about Firebug features and internals.

Other Firebug Links.

Finally, you can also follow this blog.

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  1. It is important to learn something from any of this source. Every day we must learn something if we want to be the best in our field.

    #1 rca ieftin 2011

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