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I have been asked by a few people, why there is no support for managing cookies in Firebug. It's actually unbelievable that this great extension doesn't have that already. Even if there is a few nice Firefox extensions for cookie administration out there, it would be still very useful to have something like that directly within Firebug's UI. That's what they say...

Since I have some experience with Firebug's internal framework, I have reserved two entire weekends (and I have missed two movie-sessions with my friends) trying to accomplish the supplication. And here is what I have done. The extension is called Firecookie - it's for Firebug, heh ๐Ÿ™‚ - and of course, you need to have Firebug installed if you want to check this out.

I have tested it with Firebug 1.05 and Firebug 1.1. It's also tested with Firefox 2.0 and Firefox 3.0b2 (Windows XP). All seem to be working well, but you know software is hard, so there might be some bugs ;-).

Anyway I would strongly recommend using entirely new Firebug 1.1 Beta, which is now available. Check it out John J. Barton, Justin Dolske and others have been working hard on it!

Please, drop me a line if you would have any ideas how to improve it. And of course, tell me if anything doesn't work as expected ๐Ÿ˜‰

The extension's home page is here.


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  1. Well this is great, but I'm getting an error when I go to edit a cookie:

    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: chrome://firecookie/content/editCookie.xul
    Line Number 27, Column 1:<window id="fcEditCookieDlg"

    Everything else seems to work.

    #1 Fiona
  2. Hi Fiona,
    thanks for the feedback!

    The problem should be fixed in 0.0.2. Just download and install again (tested on Ubuntu 7.10, Firefox with Firebug 1.05).

    #2 Honza
  3. How about making the extension available at (so we don't have to add yet another trusted source)?

    And thx, I missed cookie support in Firebug today. (I had Web developer installed so it was no trouble, but I like the Firebug interface better.)


    #3 Hans Nordhaug
  4. Yeah, I am planning to do it soon.

    #4 Honza
  5. Nice. Most of the other cookies editors are rubbish.

    You should set a cookie on this page like "welcome to firebug" so that once FF has restarted and the user checks out FC for the first time, they see that cookie!

    #5 dave
  6. Thanks!

    Btw. I have set the cookie, look for the answer (value) here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    #6 Honza
  7. It would be nice to have the console messages to be optional.

    #7 Ron
  8. Mouse over __utmb (cookie name) should be 'pointer'.
    Same as on Net tab.

    #8 runmen
  9. Ron: See Options->Show logs in console (on Cookies tab).

    #9 Honza
  10. AWESOME PLUGIN!!! This is just what I've been looking for.

    A couple of suggestions (and I don't know if they are even possible):

    1 - It would be nice to have the option to "Show Cookies In Console" as a part of the Console->Options, rather than Cookies->Options (since that's where you toggle on and off other console options, such as XMLHttpRequests, etc)

    2 - It would be nice to be able to click on a cookie notification (in the console) and have it take you to the appropriate place on the cookie tab (similar to how clicking on a dom node will take you to the appropriate place in the DOM tab)

    #10 Nathan Toone
  11. Nathan: Good points, I'll take a look how this could be done.

    #11 Honza
  12. Well I have to say, I just uninstalled the other cookie editors I have. Cookies... in firebug!... it's a geek utopia!


    1.) You should probably put column titles on the datagrid. that'd help some, maybe an option to hide / show them. that'd give people the ability to sort them (if you put the code in there to sort them)

    2.) Expire time would be a nice bit of data to show.

    3.) An Inline editor for the Value field would be nice, so I don't have to right click, then click edit, then find the box, then click ok, then refresh... If I could just double click the value and get a text box (like in the HTML tab) that would be awesome.

    #12 James Murray
  13. yes, please add to mozilla addons!

    #13 chris
  14. James: I like all your suggestions.

    #14 Honza
  15. Would be great to have number of bytes per cookie and total. I am currently fighting to get our cookie sizes down.

    Also, is there some master list of Firebug extensions somewhere?

    Love it!

    #15 Josh
  16. Awesome job, Jan!

    It would be great if cookies from other sites would be editable/accessible on the same tab too (possibly filtering what you want to appear).

    On larger sites, you get to deal with in-between proxy-sites (e.g. login systems), which redirect you all over the place, while setting cookies. Although not part of the same domain, it is these cookies that you often want to tweak for a particular web-app.


    #16 George Calm
  17. yes, a filtered cookie list would rock!

    #17 James Murray
  18. very nice work! I've searched for something like this for a very long time... thumbs up!

    #18 Christoph
  19. If i go to i don't see the cookie, even though it is really there (as entering document.cookie in the console shows)

    #19 Teun
  20. I'd like to make the following feature requests:

    - Column headers
    - Resizable columns
    - Cookie size column

    #20 Teun
  21. excellent work, thanks

    #21 sg
  22. Review and feature suggestions at:

    I can't wait to see what's next for this extension.

    #22 Eric Wendelin
  23. Using Aptana's Firebug version which isn't being detected. Could this be made possible?

    #23 Benjamin "balupton" Lupton
  24. Thanks for cookie support for Firebug!!

    #24 Mithun Sreedharan
  25. Teun: I couldn't reproduce the problem. If I go to the website, I am redirected to and there is only one cookie (trackingid), which is properly displayed. Could you please send me more info how to test the problem?

    #25 Honza
  26. Benjamin: Good idea, I'll take a look at it.

    #26 Honza
  27. Great !
    Now only one feature is missing in firebug to be perfect, being able to alter/modify/add Http headers.

    A bonus would be support for user-agent switching/editing

    Like this extension does:

    #27 sebest
  28. Well the problem is actually on our intranet so i gave you a fake domain just to explain the problem.
    I will try to make a testcase on the internet and let you know.

    #28 Teun
  29. Hi,

    Great extension, but I have a suggestion:
    In Firebug Options menu (left of bar) should have a options to show or not cookies, because sometimes I don't need to know the cookies in that moment.

    #29 Felipe Diesel
  30. Just stumbled onto this page and found out about firecookie extension. Great stuff.

    A very simple example showing that if you go to firecookie doesn't show cookies. Or more specifically cookies.

    Try to pull up the Full List of cookies and search for Yahoo. Compare that list with what FireCookie shows.

    #30 Gena01
  31. Nice work! It is working fine with Firefox 3 beta 3 on Ubuntu linux here.

    I hope this could be integrated into Firebug at some point.

    #31 Martin Lindhe
  32. Great work!

    One feature I miss is a third action "Export cookies", next to "Create cookie" and "Remove for Site", which would craft a bookmarklet that replicates all the shown cookies, with identical parameters, in another browser window (probably another browser, alltogether), presently visiting the same url.

    A quick and useful way of exposing it is along the lines of:

    popup('Bookmarklet to set these cookies:', 'javascript:void(function(){...})(["Welcome-to-Firebug!","Did you know that there is a new Firebug 1.1 Beta available for download on :-)","Fri, 06 Mar 2009 15:55:06 GMT","/blog",""],[...]))')

    #32 Johan Sundstrรถm
  33. Firecookie would be valuable if it actually displayed all cookies for a site, as mentioned earlier not all cookies that are set for a site are displayed (cross domain cookies).

    #33 Attila
  34. @Attila
    Agree, and this is also one of a few new features that I would like to have in the next version.

    #34 admin
  35. Cookies displayed should include top level cookies if you're on a subdomain as well.

    ie. if you're on, the only cookies firecookie shows are those from It should also show cookies set to

    #35 Drew
  36. Regarding the need for subdomains showing the cookie set by the toplevel domain, I kind of found a solution until Jan fixes this in firecookie (and fixes it in a more secure and rational way). Just a quick hack:

    1. Extract the XPI to a directory giving a directory with "chrome", "defaults", install.rdf and so on in it.
    2. Change chrome/content/firecookie/fireCookie.js:
    3. Find "if (rawHost != domain) continue;" (near line 480 or so)
    4. replace with "if( < 0) continue;"
    5. Save
    6. Repack (Winrar) as a zipfile.
    7. Rename to .xpi
    8. drag drop into Firefox

    Should work. Im no Extensioneer myself so bare with me, I just played around.

    Good luck,

    #36 Frank
  37. Firecookie with TLD Cookies:

    As Is. No garantees. Made by a simple mind ๐Ÿ™‚

    #37 Frank
  38. Upgraded to FF3 beta 5 which was just released this morning, and it complained of incompatibilities - changing maxVersion in install.rdf to a later version works.

    #38 Nathan Toone
  39. I love your extension! But theres one thing I would love for it to have. Could you please add a keyboard shortcut for deleting cookies?

    #39 Will
  40. @Will
    The problem is that there is no possibility to select a cookie (i.e. mark as selected) in the list, so what would be the target cookie if the user presses e.g. Delete key?

    However the selection mechanism would be useful even for other things, so this is probably another reason why to support it.

    #40 admin
  41. Nice extension! I have two very minor bugs:
    1. In the create/edit cookie dialog it says "secure coookie" (with 3 "o"s)
    2. In the "about" dialog, the link to "Visit Home Page" doesn't work (doesn't do anything).
    If it matters, I'm using Firefox on a Mac running 10.4.11


    #41 Daniel
  42. Thanks!

    #1) Fixed
    #2) Weird, this looks like a bug in Firefox. It works if the same dialog is opened from the add-on manager.

    Anyway, there is a new version available, so please attach further comments to this page:


    #42 admin
  43. Bug report:

    The leading "dot" is not properly used to filter cookies. For example: if I have a machine named "halo", and there are cookies set for that domain exactly, and a site named "sub.halo", cookies for the first domain appear on the latter site, which is incorrect. They should appear only if they were set for ".halo", which they were not.

    #43 1417143
  44. OK, I see that. Thanks for the bug report!

    #44 admin
  45. Hi, I have installed FF3, but Fcookie isn't prepared for it. As the last version is for 3beta5 I think it will be easy to upgrade to the alfa.

    Will you do soon?? Very good job!!!

    #45 Pau
  46. Firecookie 0.6 compatible with Firefox 3 is available here:

    #46 admin
  47. If you expanding the Cookie the + at the beginnig dosen't change to -.

    FB: 1.2.0b3
    FC: 0.6

    #47 Bastian
  48. OK, I see it. Thanks for the feedback!

    #48 admin
  49. Thanks for the link!

    #49 Software specialist
  50. Hey, thx for your work.

    Btw, i have problem when trying to export cookies both for certain site or all sites.

    [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520010 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NO_DEVICE_SPACE) [nsIFileOutputStream.write]" nsresult: "0x80520010 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NO_DEVICE_SPACE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://firecookie/content/fireCookie.js :: anonymous :: line 725" data: no]

    The resulted cookie file is blank (no content).

    Firefox/3.0.8 Ubuntu
    Firecookie 0.8

    #50 apit
  51. Hey, according to the message - NS_ERROR_FILE_NO_DEVICE_SPACE - are you sure there is enough space on the target device? Anyway, if the problem continues, could you please report a new issue here: and I'll take a look at it. Thanks!

    #51 admin
  52. Nice, just updated my firefox to 3.5 and saw cookie management disappeared from privacy tab. Downloaded Firecookie from mozilla site and it worked just fine. Thank you very much!

    #52 ericow
  53. [...] to do? search the web as always. I found firecookie implemented by Jan Odvarko. You can go to mozilla site to add it. Note, it only works along with firebug. Good [...]

    #53 Firecookie, Firebug and Firefox - Technology

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