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Just a quick update. Thanks to Rob Campbell all necessary APIs for running Eventbug (Firebug extension for inspecting event handlers on a page) have been successfully backported into Firefox 3.6 (they are now part of Firefox 3.6b3pre).

So, you can happily use Eventbug even with Firefox 3.6! 🙂

Download Eventbug and Firebug 1.5.

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  1. Excellent news Honza!! Great work Rob!

    #1 Rey Bango
  2. Yeeeeeeeeee ha!

    Congrats to Rob and everyone involved, this is superb news. Just another way that the crappy IE8 tools will look amateur in comparison.

    #2 pd
  3. great... a strong function...

    #3 z.Yleo77
  4. Thanks for making it 3.6 compat.. a big help!

    #4 Dan
  5. We may have found a bug in EventBug, where can this be reported?

    Please see the discussion in the following forum thread, and also please join in if you have any clarifying info:

    #5 dELTA
  6. @dELTA: Please create a new report + test case here: and I'll take a look at it.

    #6 Honza

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