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I have got an opportunity to speak at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference 2009, happening on June 22-24, 2009 in San Jose. I'll be part of Performance Tools panel (24.6, Regency Ballroom) talking about Firebug's Net panel and its contribution to better and faster web.

Velocity 2009

If you are interested and also want to attend the conference, use VEL09FSP code to get 15% discount off the price.

One of the new features planned for future version of Firebug is export of all collected data within the Net panel (HTTP tracing info). This feature has been requested several times and it should be useful mainly for further analysis by other tools.

There is currently several existing tools that can be used for HTTP tracking. To name a few:

They have various advantages over each other. For example, in-browser tools can easily group requests by page and analyze browser-cache usage while network-level tools can easily gather low level detailed info (e.g. HTTP compression). But in general, they all can be used to track HTTP traffic.

It would be obviously very beneficial to have a common export/import format that is used across all HTTP tracing tools and perhaps other projects. This would allow effective processing and analyzing data coming from various sources.

I have put together a document (fist draft) that represents a proposal for HTTP Archive export/import format (based on HTTPWatch's structure, but designed for JSON). Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Many thanks to Simon Perkins (HTTPWatch) who provides all necessary info.

A viewer for HTTP Archive data is available here.
A NetExport extension for exporting data from the Net panel is available here.