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HAR Adopters

This page summarizes existing tools, projects and applications (made by third parties) that support HTTP Archive format (HAR). This format is based on JSON and is typically used by tools that consume/produce data collected by monitoring HTTP communication. Note that you can display an existing HAR file online using HAR Viewer.

Are you an author of a new tool that adopts HAR and want me to update this page? Just email your submissions to the HAR discussion group or me.

List of HAR adopters

Firefox Developer Tools

The developer tools for Firefox 41+ allow exporting data collected by the Network panel to HAR. Right click in the panel and pick either Save All As HAR (into a file) or Copy All as HAR (into the clipboard).

HAR Export Trigger

HAR Export Trigger is Firefox 42+ add-on for automated HAR (HTTP Archive) export. This add-on is built on top of native developer tools in Firefox and allows automated export of all collected and computed data from the Network panel. Automation can be implemented on top of HAR API that are exposed directly to the page. It can be also used together with e.g. Selenium to implement automated HAR export robots. Firebug is not needed.


NetExport is an extension for Firebug that allows exporting data collected by Firebug's Net panel, into HAR file.

HAR Viewer

This online tool can be used to preview an existing HAR file(s).


HttpWatch is an HTTP viewer and debugger that integrates with IE and Firefox to provide seamless HTTP and HTTPS monitoring without leaving the browser window. Collected data can be saved into a HAR based file.

IE9 Developer Tools

The developer tools for IE9 include a Network tab that gives developers insight into what resources a web page is using. Captured data can be saved into an XML file (XML version of HAR).

Chrome Developer Tools

You can export data from the Network panel into HAR format.


ShowSlow supports HAR beacon that can be used either manually or with a simple script that posts HAR file as a POST body.

HTTP Archive Reader

HTTP Archive Reader allows you to read files exported from Firebug Net Panel.


An Internet Explorer plug-in with support to view HTTP/S request to check cookies, GET and POST parameters, view server info. All can be exported into a HAR file.

HAR to PageSpeed

HAR to PageSpeed is a command line utility that allows to get PageSpeed output from a HAR file.

There is also an online tool that utilizes HAR2PS and provides a preview of a HAR file.


This online tool analyses a HAR file and provides report based on best performance practices.


Pagetest allows you to provide the URL of a webpage to be tested. Results can be also exported to HAR.


GTmetrix can help you develop a faster, more efficient, and all-around improved website experience for your users. Integrates Page Speed, YSlow, HAR Viewer.


Fiddler is a Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet.


Catchpoint provide application performance monitoring to gauge user performance and pinpoint user problems


dynaTrace Ajax Edtion 2.0 supports exporting captured Network Traffic in the HAR format.

PushToTest TestMaker

TestMaker is an Open Source Test (OST) tool that repurposes HAR files as functional tests (regression test, smoke test, integration test,) load and performance tests, and production monitors.


RED can create HAR files as output, containing both timings and its own analysis of the responses, as HAR extensions.

JMeter to HAR converter

As the name suggests, this tool converts Apache JMeter output to HAR.


At WatchMouse we use HAR as the internal storage format for both Real Browser Monitors and for multi-step monitors. Users can see the HAR in our portal as a waterfall (we use the HAR Viewer) and download the HAR file. See a showcase where we demonstrate this (both HAR based waterfall charts and HAR download).

Browser Mob

BrowserMob Provides FREE Website Monitoring and Load Testing.

Blaze Mobile Performance Test uses real iPhone and Android agents to conduct a performance analysis of browsing your website on a mobile device.


3PMobile™ software delivers real-time mobile data via the browser. It’s a Mobile browser that measures HTTP traffic performance and outputs the data in a HAR format.


CrossBrowserTesting allows you to test your website live via your browser and remote VNC sessions. Now you can interactively test your ajax, javascript, and flash on all operating systems and browsers from anywhere! Network activity is recorded during live tests and available as HAR logs.

Subgraph Vega

HAR exporter for Subgraph Vega.


Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information). Supporting HAR since Charles 3.6


HARLog is a utility to take the HAR output and create a log format that can be imported into Excel or some other charting tool. HarLog can also generate a "pivot table" style report summarizing data from a collection of HAR files. This is useful if you wish to get average page performance over time and or you would like to baseline the performance of a site under development across versions.

HAR Storage

HAR Storage is free and open source repository for automated client-side performance testing. Core features: measurements over time, detailed stats, aggregation and comparison of test results, chart and table exporting, content breakdowns, embedded HAR Viewer, integration with Page Speed, cross-platform, cross-browser. Online demo is available here.


har2gnuplot convert a HAR file into a gnuplot file, so you can use your network-dumps in a paper. Just copy your har-file into the main directory and run make. gnu-files and png-files will be created.


At Funomy we use HAR v1.2 to really store whole web pages. We have developed services that operate with HAR format in order to generate web performance analysis (WPO).

MIHTool 5.0

MIHTool helps Front-End Engineers to debug and optimize their webpages on iPad and iPhone.


Har-tools extract files from HAR file. Domain name and all fold info are kept.

Check My Website

Check My Website is a service to remotely monitor websites availability and performance every minute from various places around the world. It uses HAR to give better insights into performance bottlenecks.


The Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) project is an easy to use integrated penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications. It is designed to be used by people with a wide range of security experience and as such is ideal for developers and functional testers who are new to penetration testing.


Netsparker is False-Positive Free Web Application Security Scanner. Use Netsparker to automatically find vulnerabilities and security flaws in websites, web applications. Netsparker is available as Desktop Software Application and as Online Web Security Scanning Service.


Acunetix is the market leader in web application security technology, founded to combat the alarming rise in web attacks. Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is fast, easy to deploy, supports the latest types of web application development architectures such as JavaScript, accesses restricted areas with ease, and includes the most advanced detection of WordPress vulnerabilities. It’s available both as an online and on premise solution.


Dotcom Tools Website Speed Test instantly test your website speed in real browsers from 22 locations worldwide.


Runscope is an API performance testing and monitoring solution for developers, QA testers and DevOps teams. HAR files can be imported into the Request Editor, an HTTP request debugging and logging tool. They can also be imported directly into a new Runscope API Test. Load Test Web and Mobile HTTP apps.


StresStimulus load testing tool can import HAR files recorded with a web browser and convert them to test cases. Then it replays the test cases with hundreds or thousands of virtual users (free version has 250 VUs) to test the website's performance under load while monitoring its key performance indicators and server infrastructure operation. Additionally StresStimulus can export its test cases to HAR format.

Electron HAR

Electron HAR is a command-line tool for generating HTTP Archive (HAR) (based on Electron).


Load View is an on-demand performance testing service running 100% in the cloud.

k6 HAR converter

The open source load testing tool k6 now has a built in command k6 convert recording.har > recording.js to convert HAR files to JS. This is great for being able to quickly go from a browser/proxy recording to a k6 script, a common flow for getting started with a new test case. Read more about how to use it.

HTTP Toolkit

HTTP Toolkit is a suite of beautiful & open-source tools for debugging, testing and building with HTTP(S) on Windows, Linux & Mac. Includes HAR support (both import & export).

Super Monitoring

Super Monitoring is powerful, yet easy to use website monitoring and web application monitoring. This page speed monitoring service is saving HAR files upon detecting a failure (a slow-down).


HAR/JSON visualizes HTTP Archive (HAR) files opened locally or online. Also features JSON tree view for HAR and any structured JSON files. Based on HAR Viewer (source code).


SpeedVitals is a Lighthouse powered tool to measure Web Vitals across multiple devices and locations. It has various features like Layout Shift Visualization, Waterfall Chart, Field Data, and Resource Graphs.


Proxyman is a native, high-performance macOS app, which enables developers to capture, inspect, and manipulate HTTP(s) requests/responses with ease.


PFLB is the new generation load testing tool that allows running complex tests in the cloud to anyone interested in load testing.
Developers and performance engineers will find PFLB Platform handy for conducting performance tests in the cloud. They can use a full suite of testing tools, such as HAR/Insomnia import, request definition, parameterization, and correlation running in the cloud as a SaaS service. You can also manage and reuse tests, centralize the assets, compare the results between the tests, see trends across time, and share results and reports.
PFLB also offers an easy-to-use tool for marketing specialists. This tool allows them to effortlessly import load profile data from Google Analytics, retrieve statistical information, and run performance tests without the need for coding or other engineering skills.

List of HAR Libraries

Java HarLib

HarLib is an open source Java library for the HAR v1.2. Read/write HAR files from Java, Database mapping of HAR objects into any databases through JDBC, Open Source - Apache v2 license.


Archive::Har is a Perl library that allows the user to interact with HAR files. It's an open source based on The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1).


HTTPArchive.js is JavaScript library to manipulate HTTP Archive 1.2 JSON objects. You can install with Bower or NPM. Licensed under the MIT license.


Marshmallow-har is simple collection of marshmallow schemes to load/dump the HTTP Archive 1.2 (HAR) format.

HTTP Archive for PHP

This library supports reading and writing HTTP Archive files. These archives are JSON objects containing one or more HTTP request and response pairs. In particular, this library is useful for taking HTTP requests exported from a browser's developer tools or with a proxy like mitmproxy and using them as mocks in tests.