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I have been recently working on Pixel Perfect extension that allows web designers to overlay a page with semi transparent image and tweak the page HTML/CSS with per pixel precision - till it's matching the overlay.

This extension hasn't been working for several years (not maintained) and since requested by many users Firebug Working Group (FWG) got the opportunity to build that again and on top of native Developer tools in Firefox.

We had two goals in mind when building the extension:

  • Make the Pixel Perfect feature available again
  • Show how to build a real world extension on top of native API and tools in Firefox

This post focuses on the internal architecture. There is another post if you rather interested in the feature itself.


I have been recently asked by couple of developers how to properly design architecture of a Firefox extension. The first thing that immediately came to my mind at that point was a problem with global variables defined by extensions in ChromeWindow scope.

This problem can easily cause collisions among various extensions. Something that should be always avoided (and is also part of AMO review process) since this kind of issues is very hard to find. Yes, global variables are still evil, especially in OOP world.

I don’t want to describe how to develop a new extension from scratch. For this there is already bunch of detailed articles. I am rather concentrating on effective tactics how to make Firefox extension architecture maintainable and well designed.

So, read more if you are interested…