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Just a quick update. Thanks to Rob Campbell all necessary APIs for running Eventbug (Firebug extension for inspecting event handlers on a page) have been successfully backported into Firefox 3.6 (they are now part of Firefox 3.6b3pre).

So, you can happily use Eventbug even with Firefox 3.6! 🙂

Download Eventbug and Firebug 1.5.

We have made a great further progress with John J. Barton on a new extension for Firebug called Eventbug. Big thanks to Olli Pettay (smaug) for fixing #448602 + #506961 and providing new Firefox APIs that allow enumerating event listeners on a web page!

Notice that these APIs are available in Firefox 3.7a1pre (I hope they'll make it into 3.6) and you also need Firebug 1.5 to test it.

Update: all necessary APIs for Eventbug have been backported to Firefox 3.6b3pre.

This extension brings a new Events panel that lists all of the event handlers on the page grouped by event type. The panel also nicely integrates with other Firebug panels and allows to quickly find out, which HTML element is associated with specific event listener or see the Javascript source code.

So, see it in action!