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Since we have released a new Firebug 1.4 (read my post), I have also updated Firecookie, which is a Firebug extension for cookie management within the browser.

I have fixed bunch of reported bugs (thanks to all who took the time to do these reports!) and solved some compatibility issues with Firebug 1.4. See release notes for more details.

There is also a couple of new enhancements. In case when the cookie value is JSON or XML, there are additional tabs in the UI that present the value in more readable format.

JSON Inspector

If the value is formatted as JSON, there is a new JSON tab (selected by default) displaying the value using expandable tree. Similarly as for network responses in Firebug's Net panel.

This is how JSON is presented if used as a cookie value.

XML Inspector

If the value is valid XML document, there is a XML tab (also selected by default) displaying pretty printed & colorized XML (I think there could be something similar in the Net panel for network responses).

This is how XML is presented if used as a cookie value.

Try online example here (sure, you need Firecookie 0.9)

Firebug 1.4

by Honza

There is already several posts available about fresh new release of Firebug 1.4.

And not to forget, the latest version available just today is Firebug 1.4.2 fixing some last issues.

John J. Barton writes: Firebug 1.4 is a true community achievement. We have had contributions from many developers and a few designers, with additions both large and small.

Yes, it's true, and BIG thanks also to all translators who spent time on translating Firebug to many various locales. Specifically, Firebug 1.4 has been fully translated to:

  • Polish (pl-PL) Leszek Życzkowski
  • Dutch (nl-NL) markh
  • Swedish (sv-SE) peter3
  • Danish (da-DK) AlleyKat
  • Chinese (Simplified) (zh-CN) Hector Zhao, lovelywcm
  • Czech (cs-CZ) Lukáš Kucharczyk, Michal Kec
  • German (de-DE) Team, ReinekeFux, Benedikt Langens
  • Italian (it-IT) l0stintranslation, gonzalopirobutirro
  • Romanian (ro-RO) alexxed
  • French (fr-FR) Nicolas Martin, Franck Marcia
  • Hungarian (hu-HU) gLes
  • Catalan (ca) Xavi Ivars - Softcatalà
  • Turkish (tr-TR) gezmen
  • Spanish (Argentina) (es-AR) eternoendless
  • Russian (ru-RU) Dark Preacher
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt-BR) Tiago Oliveira, Diego de Carvalho Zimmermann, Alexandre Rapaki
  • Spanish (Spain) (es-ES) Juan Botías
  • Ukrainian (uk-UA) Andriy Zhouck
  • Japanese (ja-JP) Hisateru Tanaka

I couldn't miss the chance to mention that we are yet looking for help to translate following locales:

Bulgarian, Greek, Spanish (Chille), Basque, Persian, Finnish, Korean, Mongolian, Indonesian (Indonesia), Kazakh (Kazakhstan), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch and Telugu.

If you are interested to help or know somebody please let us know. Thanks!

Firebug Comics :-)