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NetExport is a Firebug extension that allows exporting all collected and computed data from the Net panel. The structure of the created file uses HTTP Archive (HAR) format (based on JSON).

Manual HAR export is natively supported by Firefox 42+. Implementing automated export by triggering HAR export directly from within the page is supported by an extension HAR Export Trigger. This is the recommended configuration and NetExport extension won't be maintained anymore.

Download NetExport here

Get NetExport source here

Report issues or suggestions here

Once the extension is installed there is a new Export button available in the Net panel toolbar. See the following screenshot.

If you click the button a File Save As dialog appears and all you have to do is to choose proper place where to store your data.

HAR Viewer

See HAR Viewer for more information about how to preview HAR files online.


There is several options/actions you can use to tune up NetExport for your needs.

  • Save As Export current data from the Net panel.
  • Save As JSONP Export current data from the Net panel as *.harp file (using JSONP syntax).
  • Send To Send exported HAR beacon to an online server ( is used by default). See extensions.firebug.netexport.beaconServerURL
  • Copy As Image Handy if you need a screen-shot of your waterfall graph.
  • Auto Export Automatically export HAR when a page is loaded. Useful for integration with automated systems.
  • Compress Compress (zip) exported HAR files.
  • Show Preview Show a preview of exported data. HAR Viewer is used by default. See extensions.firebug.netexport.viewerURL preference.
  • Download All Resources Automatically download all resources on the page as individual files. You need DownThemAll installed.
  • Default Log Directory Allows to pick target directory for automatically exported HAR files. See extensions.firebug.netexport.defaultLogDir preference.

Learn how to automate page load performance testing with Firebug, NetExport and Selenium.



Doc translation to Romanian provided by Web Geek Science.