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Firebug 1.12 alpha 6 introduces one new feature called simply: Use in Command Line

This feature allows referring various page objects (HTML elements, JS objects, network requests, cookies, etc.) from within Firebug Command Line.
The user can also use object's properties in JS expressions.

See issue 6422 for more details.

This post explains the feature in detail and also asks for feedback.


One of the new features introduced in Firebug 1.12 alpha 5 is a filter for DOM event logs (issue 229).

Logging of DOM events has been available in Firebug for a long time and the filter should make it more useful and effective in daily usage.

The problem is that we are unsure whether UI/UX of the filter is implemented properly.

So, if you are using this handy feature please read further and let us know what you think (leave a comment below).

I had an opportunity to be a reviewer of a new book about Firebug written by Chandan Luthra. This is actually the second book dedicated to Firebug and so, you might also be interested in the first one.

The book is labeled Instant Firebug Starter
Monitor, edit, and debug any web page in real time with this handy practical guide.