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Since JSON explorer for HTTP network responses was quite successful feature (at least according to all the feedback I have got), I have implemented a XML Explorer that can be used to inspect XML based responses received from the server.

This feature allows to see XML data in pretty-printed and colorized fashion. Similarly to the JSON Explorer, the view is available within the Net panel (as soon as the response is XML).

See the following screenshot (click to enlarge).

XML Explorer

The user can also right click on specific element and pick one of the Copy... actions to copy portions of the XML into the clipboard.

See an online example here.
Notice that you need Firebug 1.5a23 and higher.

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  2. JSON explorer? Who said JSON explorer? I've been looking for such a thing for ages! Thanks, man!

    #2 Vladimir Dzhuvinov
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  5. Brilliant work Jan. Thanks for your efforts.

    #5 pd
  6. Nice! Can the JSON and XML explorers be made to work with POST data also?

    #6 Steven Roussey
  7. @Steven: Yeah, I have been also thinking about this. I have to put it on my wish list...

    #7 Honza
  8. Very nice.
    A feature I really think would be useful is to make the JSON/XML Explorer also available in the "Params tab" for ajax requests, in order to be able to explore also the parameters sent to the server. Especially useful when sending a big json object.

    #8 Radu at
  9. @Radu: yes, agree. I recall, there was an issue reported for this, but now I can't find it. Anyway, I am having this on my list!

    #9 Honza

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