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Yesterday, I got back home from Barcelona where I have attended EU MozCamp 2008 conference. I spent very nice and inspirational weekend with smart people, talking about Mozilla, Firefox and of course, Firebug. All perfectly organized, no rock slides this time 😉

I had also an opportunity to lead a session about Firebug and Chromebug on Sunday. See my slides if you are interested, however I don't know how much useful they are without me talking 😉

I was having nice time, discussing a lot of things and talking to many people. Here is a short list with some areas I have been mainly interested in...

  • I was talking with Robert Kaiser and several other people about Thunderbird/Sunbird and Firebug/Chromebug integration. This could be quite easy to do and useful to have.
  • After discussion with Brian King, I believe that adapting the existing Firefox Addon Manager in order to manage installed Firebug's extensions is the right approach.
  • I also had another chat with Christian Biesinger about Necko & Events. He gave me a lot of info about how Necko & Events work internally. Thanks Christian for all the help!
  • I had a chance to meet Goofy (the BabelZilla guru) and talk about Firebug localization.
  • And yea, I have also met Tony Farndon who is the creator of Mini Map Sidebar. One of the winners of Extend Firefox Award competition.

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  1. Great to meet you Honza. Where can I get my hands on chromebug? Oh yea, dont' forget to file that bug against the extension manager concerning Firebug extensions. You might be able to tag onto the spec/bug here:

    #1 Brian King
  2. Does your chat with Robert Kaiser include thoughts about including Firebug/Chromebug in SeaMonkey as well?

    #2 Justin Wood (Callek)
  3. @Brian: the latest Chromebug Alpha is available here:
    And here is the bug report:

    @Justin: yes, I think it could be actually very easy.

    #3 admin
  4. Plenty of things to do and challenges after Mozilla Camp Europe 2008...

    Some weeks ago Mozilla Camp Europe 2008 took place in Barcelona. Indeed, most of its activities were in Cornellà's Citilab, a wonderful urban lab perfectly suited for this kind of events. There is no doubt it was a success thanks to the hard work of ...

    #4 El Cau del Drac
  5. thanks for sharing discussion details...

    #5 jane

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