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This weekend, I attended a Mozilla Camp conference organized in Prague, Czech Republic. It was very nice time and as usual, great opportunity to meet people from Mozilla community.

  • I have met Antonin Hildebrand long time Firebug extension developer who is author of several extensions: FireRainbow, FireQuery,
    FirePython and some more...
  • I had an interesting discussion with Josh Soref (aka Timeless) who is the guy working on Firefox JSD APIs. We need to make sure all necessary patches are reviewed and pushed through. His work is very valuable for Firebug!
  • I was also happy to meet another Firebug extension developer Robert Nyman, the author of Firefinder Firebug extension.
  • I had a chance to speak with Anthony Ricaud, the Web Inspector guru from WebKit team!
  • And finally, I had a very productive meeting with Paul Rouget, French Mozilla evangelist, talking about Firebug and how it could be improved and evangelized.

I had also an opportunity to lead a session about Firebug talking about new features introduced in v1.5.

As I promised at the session, I am putting online my slides so, you can go over again and also try all the links I have mentioned. Not sure how useful are these slides for those who haven't heard me talking, but you can give it a try 😉

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  1. Great meeting you too! Too bad you couldn't stay for the boat ride - we'll make up for it next time. 🙂

    #1 Robert Nyman
  2. "Web Inspector Guru" is a bit exaggerated 🙂 I'm just a contributor.

    Nice to meet you and see the cool features you're gonna have in 1.5.

    And Paul is gonna be mad about the typo in his name 😉

    #2 Anthony Ricaud
  3. @Anthony: oops, fixed, thanks!

    #3 Honza

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