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About a month ago, I wrote a post introducing a HTTP Archive format that is used to export data from Firebug's Net panel.

Since that time we have made further progress and following info could be useful for all who are dealing with HTTP tracing logs and page load performance.

  • NetExport - (requires Firebug 1.4a26 and higher) an extension that allows exporting HTTP tracing data from Firebug. This extension appends a new Export button into Firebug's Net panel toolbar (see the screenshot bellow).
  • HTTP Archive Viewer - online tool that allows previewing of existing logs. The viewer uses the same visual style for visualizing HTTP tracing data as the Net panel. Note that it's possible to compare tracing info generated by multiple pages (which is also something what is planned for Firebug 1.5)
  • HTTP Archive Format - description of the format for exported data (doc updated according to feedback we've got).


HTTP Archive Viewer

See also post related to Firebug 1.5 activation.

A while ago, I have written a post about Firebug 1.2 activation that is used to enable and disable certain Firebug features and avoid performance penalties the user could pay when not using Firebug and just browsing with Firefox.

Since that time we have gathered a lot of feedback related to the activation model saying in short: it's too complicated, I don't understand how to use it. Even if it's not exciting to receive negative responses, thanks to all who took the time to explain what could be done better!

We worked hard to improve the activation. Kudos to John J. Barton who put a good deal of work into this and also thanks to Steve Souders for all his input.

So, read the rest of the post if you interested in how the activation model has been designed for Firebug 1.4.


Since there is not much user documentation related to Firebug features (and there is a lot what to know about) I have decided to put together several posts about existing features.

This post is intended as a detailed explanation of the Net panel from the user perspective. This post is not about developing an extension for this panel or Firebug itself. Also notice that all features described below are available (some of them introduced) in Firebug 1.4.

You'll be surprised how many features is there! 🙂