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Firebug 1.5 beta phase has started (about a month ago) and so, I would like to also summarize state of Firebug activation model (I wrote about how to enable and disable Firebug 1.2/1.4). This feature has been always a bit unconvincing and we have got a lot of feedback with various proposals how to do it differently.

Since there is many views on how the activation model should look like (from the user experience point of view) and these vary in the (UI) implementation, we have decided to create a Firebug extension Firestarter that extends Firebug's built-in activation model.

Distribute activation enhancements using such an extension is faster than waiting for new Firebug release and it can also be used as an incubator for better solutions.


I have recently written a post about Break on Next feature (), introduced in Firebug 1.5 that allows breaking on various events occurring on a page. One of the examples I mentioned was XMLHttpRequest execution.

In this post I would like to describe another way how Firebug can be used to debug XHR. This time I want to focus on how to create XHR conditional breakpoints.


Just a quick update. Thanks to Rob Campbell all necessary APIs for running Eventbug (Firebug extension for inspecting event handlers on a page) have been successfully backported into Firefox 3.6 (they are now part of Firefox 3.6b3pre).

So, you can happily use Eventbug even with Firefox 3.6! 🙂

Download Eventbug and Firebug 1.5.